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Q&A with Simon Braithwaite

Q&A with Simon Braithwaite

Simon Braithwaite, Quantum Damages and Delay Expert, recently joined Driver Trett as one of the two, Senior Vice Presidents of our new office in New York City.

In this Q&A for the Driver Trett Digest, we ask how he has found starting a new role during a pandemic; what has been the greatest influence on his career; and what makes him tick.

Digest: Hi Simon, how are you? Thanks for taking the time to talk to the Digest. I bet the last couple of months have been rather busy for you.
Simon: Thanks for giving me the opportunity to speak to you. It has been a rather hectic time, but it is all good and a positive part of the challenge.

Digest: What is your role at Driver?
Simon: I’m one of the Senior Vice Presidents, based in the new office in New York. I am responsible for developing the practice here and providing clients with advice, along with services related to their problem projects.

Digest: How did you get into the industry and how did you get to where you are today?
Simon: I got in to disputes by accident really. After my degree, and some construction experience, I was interviewed by Steve Driver at BWSICC (now Driver Group). At the time, I really didn’t know what I was getting in to, but it’s 20 years later and I have come full circle.

Digest: Who has been the greatest influence on your career?
Simon: That is a tough question. There are many people I could mention, college lecturers, people I have worked with, clients and friends in the industry who I still take advice from. But, I would have to say my parents. They put me through university and remain a positive influence, and even though I live overseas, I still speak to them most days.

Digest: What has been the best moment of your career?
Simon: I think two moments need a mention.

1. Moving to the USA almost 20 years ago (which is a story of its own). My wife and I sold our possessions, house, got married and took a chance moving here. I remember the plane taking off and thinking “what the hell have I just done?”
2. This opportunity. It is a great opportunity to promote Diales and Driver Trett in the Americas region. Personally, I think the level of services provided will be well received. Guaranteed, I will do my best to make it successful.

Digest: How have you found starting a new job during lockdown?
Simon: It has been a bit of a challenge, there is no doubt about that. It would be beneficial if we could meet with the group and clients, etc., face to face, but, as with most things, you find a way around a situation. Thankfully, everyone has remained healthy, and hopefully it stays that way!

Digest: What makes you tick?
Simon: Work.
I enjoy meeting clients; being part of a team helping to resolve complex issues, and leaving clients happy.
In my free time I enjoy being with my family, and also playing football; although each season my recovery time is getting longer.

I really appreciate going back to UK each Christmas to see family, and I often take my son to watch Manchester City – he has a much more enjoyable experience than I did going to Maine Road!

Digest: Tell us a little-known fact about you.
Simon: I love to BBQ (you can’t really do that so much in Manchester), and I do have some hair, which is apparently turning grey!

To get in touch with our team in America, please visit: www.driver-group.com/americas/contact-us



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