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Diales Delay Analysis


At Diales, our people are delay experts, not theorists. All of our experts have a minimum of 15 years’ practical industry experience, ensuring that their forensic analysis is based on solid practical knowledge, providing credible evidence during testimony.

Our delay experts are instructed on high profile domestic and international disputes, and are familiar with industry standards and protocols.

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Types of delay analysis

Our experts demystify the delay analysis process, presenting their findings in a robust and understandable manner, using industry-recognised types of delay analysis, including:

  • Impacted As-Planned
  • Time Impact Analysis
  • Windows Analysis – time slice analysis
  • Windows Analysis – as-planned versus as-built
  • Collapsed As Built

Our experts’ skills ensure the delivery of concise reports that distil the complex field of delay analysis into coherent and unambiguous written submissions and oral testimony.

What is Delay Analysis?

Construction and engineering projects of any size and length invariably involve an acceptance that change will happen and there is a likelihood of unplanned change meaning that claims are often inevitable. Delay analysis is the process of analysing the project programme/ schedule, updates thereof and other contemporaneous records and forensically identifying and examining the cause of delay and its effect (or impact) on progress and completion of a project. Where the delay impacts on completion date of the project this is known as critical delay.

In addition to identifying the cause and effect of individual delays, issues such as delay to progress (e.g. due to disruption), the critical path, float, concurrent delay, acceleration and mitigation are often considered.

Many standard form contracts contain an ‘extension of time’ provision for events for which the contractor is excused and prevent the works being completed by the prevailing contract completion date. One of the goals of the extension of time provision and delay analysis is to ascertain the appropriate contractual entitlement to an extension of time.

Where the parties to the contract are unable to agree the extension of time, our independent expert using the delay analysis, opinion and report, is able to assist the Parties or Dispute Board; and more commonly, the tribunal (Adjudication, Arbitration, Litigation) in deciding the period of each and overall delay and the appropriate extension of time. Liability for the delay is a point to be decided by the tribunal.

With over 40 identified methods of analysis, in combination methodologies, Diales’ mission is to demystify the process.  Our experts find ways of presenting these complex arguments in a manner that is simple to understand and robust enough to withstand challenge.

Getting the right delay expert

Getting the right delay expert is an essential appointment. Wherever you are in the world, no matter what the sector or size of the dispute, we have the expertise.

In addition to one of our team being a Delay Advisor/ Expert, Diales can also deliver in-house training programmes for solicitors and barristers enabling the exploration strengths and weaknesses of various available methods.

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Working in over 17 languages, we are ready to help you identify the best solution for your business.

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