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The World vs Covid

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A Welcome from the Technical Editor, Paul Battrick, International Managing Director.

"Covid-19 is regretfully with us all; in this bite size Digest we discuss how it has affected us, how we have adapted to cope with it, and take a look at how it will affect us in the future. The future also features in our Q&A with Chris Sunderland, as we look forward to his influence on our business, and finally, 'Back to the future' catalogues events on a disastrous project looking back from 2023 when the project is in Arbitration – I sincerely hope no-one has had it that bad!

Browse the individual articles below, have a read, and do share amongst your networks. Enjoy!"

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Remote trial on zoom

Remote trials, my experience

Paul Darling OBE QC from 39 Essex Chambers offers his insight after participating as an Advocate in the first remote trial of the Technology and Construction Court, hosted on Zoom.


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Well-being in the time of Covid-19

well-being in the time of covid-19

How have we coped? Martha Carter, Head of Business Support, discusses a few of the methods she has recently developed to support positive well-being. 

What has worked for you?


Meet Chris Sunderland, our new Marketing and Business Development Director, in this Q&A

q&a with chris sunderland

We get to know Chris Sunderland, the new Director of Business Development and Marketing for Driver Trett and Diales. We delve into his past, look to his future, and find out what makes him tick.


Covid-19's disruption on the construction industry across the Middle East

Covid-19’s Disruption on the Construction Industry Across the Middle East

Phil Duggan, Regional Head of Diales in the Middle East, discusses the impact of Covid-19 on the construction industry and its affects across the region.


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Back to the Future? An account from 2023 of Covid-19 related arbitration dispute ...

Back to the Future?
a Covid-19 related arbitration dispute, in 2023

Written by Paul Battrick, International Managing Director. 

Paul Emmett Brown is a witness of fact at an arbitration hearing. The project has suffered Covid-19 related issues, or not, as the case may be...

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