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The role of project management is to deliver projects through the effective management of all briefing, design, cost, programme, procurement and construction processes.

Efficient project management stems from two essential qualities: communication and organisation. The project manager often has overall responsibility to ensure that the project is delivered on time and within budget, they will also remain accountable for the project progress and delivery.

Our project management experts have exceptional experience in the management of projects, and the standards of practice and services required to be delivered by Contract Administrators and Project Managers.

Our work involves the review of contract and project documents, as well as the review of the performance of project management processes, from feasibility studies through to handover, including understanding and commenting on:

  • Industry standards for project management services, as well as the scope of services under specific agreements
  • Obligations to warn and advise clients of potential issues arising on the project
  • Responsibility for the processes that manage the delivery of design and construction throughout the project lifecycle
  • The adequacy of the standard of service provided against specific contract requirements and industry expectations
  • Reasonable levels of payment for the amount and quality of project management provided
  • The assessment of the consequences of a failure to deliver and adequate services
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