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Supporting our clients throughout the process of dispute resolution. 

On even the most well-managed projects, disputes arise between the parties to the contract. We provide worldwide support in dispute management and resolution, as well as assisting clients in the assessment of risk and avoidance of disputes. 



Preparation, defence, or negotiation of claims for extension of time, loss and/or expense, or general damages.


We offer a full capability in adjudication support services: 

  • Management of the adjudication
  • Preparation of referral or response
  • Acting as expert witness
  • Acting as party representative
  • Advice on jurisdictional challenges
  • Acting as adjudicator

Expert Services

Acting as expert witness – quantum, programme and schedule (cause and effect studies).

Arbitration and Litigation

  • Acting as the expert witness, providing expert reports and testimony
  • Acting as an advisor in arbitration, drafting claim and response documents

Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Strategic advice in avoidance of disputes
  • Dispute resolution boards
  • Mediation
  • Conciliation
  • Expert determination
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Working in over 17 languages, we are ready to help you identify the best solution for your business.

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