Adjudication is one of the world’s fastest methods of reaching a decision in construction dispute resolution.  The starting point is often just 28 days.

In order to get a good quality decision in such a challenging timetable, it is essential to get the right adjudicator.   Diales has a selection of experienced and respected adjudicators.

Over the past few years the adoption and use of adjudication schemes, often backed by supporting legislation, has spread to many parts of the world and has become a fact of life for those working in many disparate jurisdictions. Practitioners now have to content with the constant flow of interpretations and judgements, as well as determining how statutory amendments impact upon earlier case law.

A Diales adjudicator is a practitioner, trained and experienced in adjudication, and a registered adjudicator with recognised adjudicator appointing bodies.

If you require an adjudicator, or have any related queries, please contact the team