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Project Management


Diales has an established, successful track record of project delivery in public and private sectors.

The key to our success is our ability to carefully match the three pillars of project management – time, cost and quality – to individual customer requirements in terms of programme, value-for-money, and design aspiration.

The role of project management is to deliver projects through the effective management of all briefing, design, cost, programme, procurement and construction processes. We adopt a planned, organised and controlled approach to project management, to deliver successful construction projects.

Efficient project management stems from two essential qualities: communication and organisation. Our project managers are chosen for their ability to combine both, using personal, technical and professional skills to respond to every aspect of project delivery.

The project manager shall have overall responsibility to ensure that the project is delivered on time and within budget, they will also remain accountable for the project progress and delivery. Our approach allows us to control and deliver projects to cost and on programme, minimising risk, whilst maintaining safety, achieving quality and maximising investment returns. This expertise spans all phases of project development, from front-end development appraisal, feasibility and conceptual studies, as well as managing the detailed design, construction and commissioning stages.

Programme Management

Our planning specialists are drawn from diverse backgrounds across construction and related industries.

  • Preparation of contract or master programmes
  • Preparation and review of tender programmes
  • Review and discussion of contract and master programmes through to acceptance
  • Setting up progress and programme monitoring systems
  • Programme monitoring and updating
  • Analysing and reporting on effects of events on progress and completion
  • Preparation of recovery, mitigation and acceleration programmes

Cost Management

Diales believes it is essential that all parties who have an influence on the cost of the projects participate in regular reviews to ensure that cost targets are met, and that financial risks are recognised and managed as well as correctly assigned for ownership.

The Diales project manager, with assistance from the quantity surveying team, will ensure that all stakeholders buy-in to the process which records changes to scope on design principles, the reasons for the change and the authority to accept and sign off this change.

Communications play their part in disseminating information on cost and the project management team will report the developing cost plan in regular monthly reports. These reports will include the initial cost plan, authorised variations and changes and financial risks, together with forecast and spread of spend.


Diales will seek to implement a rigorous document control procedure to ensure that those personnel requiring access to project documents will have the most up-to-date revisions and are aware of the document control process.

The procedures adopted on any project are in compliance with our quality management system and relevant international standards. The project manager will be responsible for reviewing all contract documentation and assessing any further information required to complete the project.

The procedures and methodology will be project specific according to the client’s organisational requirements and consultants already appointed.


The selection of the Contractor is a critical element of any project, taking into account technical expertise, available resource and senior personnel, local reputation and financial strength. We undertake a rigorous pre-selection process to identify the right contractors to tender for each project, and subsequently carry out a robust post tender assessment to ensure the right decision is made.

Construction and Inspection

Contract administration is integral to our delivery of project management services, and provides our clients with a specific role in managing and administering the construction contract.

Our project managers are highly experienced in contract administration, and this wide-ranging experience has been obtained over all sectors and clients. This gives our project managers the skills to successfully administer and deliver contracts, and to anticipate and avoid risks whilst achieving key milestones and targets. The following list is a sample of the mechanisms that can be implemented to produce a robust contract administration service:

  • General contract management
  • Management of meetings and reports
  • Financial management & certification
  • Management of variations through change control procedure
  • Programme monitoring and assessment of extensions of time
  • Pre-completion assessment and commissioning
  • Management systems for handover, defects liability and maintenance periods
  • Lessons Learned Workshops


Formal quality management procedures will be set out in the management plan, covering everything from submittal of samples to site inspections and completion certification.
The project manager will also undertake a thorough review of the contractor’s quality plan to ensure it is comprehensive and relevant to the proposed works, and will assist in identifying additional requirements for the plan.

The monitoring of quality and compliance with the drawings and specification will be an ongoing activity that the project manager will ensure is adequately dealt with by the appropriate consultants.


From the outset, the project manager will implement robust HSE procedures and ensure a ‘zero tolerance’ stance towards any potential issues.

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