Why Use a Diales Expert

Diales delivers uncompromised service in providing expert witness support across a wide range of sectors.

Our experts:

  • Have been cross examined before a tribunal, or completed an accredited training programme.
  • Understand their duties to the court and their clients
  • Have proven track records in delivering concise, detailed reports, on time, and often against challenging deadlines.
  • Have access to highly skilled support teams to ensure rapid evidence processing, regardless of volume.

Selecting the right expert is the most important decision to be made in the course of prosecuting or defending your case. Wherever you are in the world, no matter what the sector or size of the dispute, we have the expertise. Our staff operate in over 30 languages, and can access the local cultural knowledge, which can be imperative in understanding a problem.

If you are looking for an Expert Witness in Quantum, Delay Analysis, or a Technical discipline; the Diales team will provide the right candidate, with an excellent reputation, track record, and supporting expert profile or CV.

Learn more about our experts by viewing their profiles